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How resumes are checked

Checking resume writing services near me is one of the most time-consuming processes for an HR employee when selecting candidates. Reading and checking documents for just 1 candidate sometimes takes 2-3 hours, and there may be dozens of candidates. As a result, the HR employee is usually swamped with work. In this article, we will look at the resume screening process from an employer's perspective. This information may be useful to you, even if you are a job seeker. It will help you better understand human resources and the things that will help make your resume more visible and effective.

What is a resume check

To select applicants for an open position, an HR employee needs to read through all resumes submitted and determine if the candidates meet the requirements of the position. These include work experience, education and specific skills. Candidates who have the required qualities on their resumes move on to the next round of selection.

Stages of resume screening

What sequence should an aspiring hiring manager follow when reviewing a resume? We present the steps that go into this process.

Checking for minimum eligibility for the position

Any organization specifies requirements for the position. These typically include:

  • (minimum required, sufficient) experience - in a similar role or close to it;
  • job qualifications - e.g., relevant education or certifications;
  • abilities, skills and competencies - e.g., the ability to program in a web-programming position;
  • character traits - hiring managers usually have an eye for detail, such as being organized.

By reviewing resumes for minimum criteria, the hiring officer thus screens out applicants who do not meet those requirements. The minimum criteria should be clearly defined in the job description.

If you are a job seeker - make sure that you meet the requirements listed in the job description and that you have listed them on your resume. In 90% of cases, candidates who do not have the required qualities on their resume are eliminated after the initial screening.

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