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How to make your first cosplay without headaches

If you are thinking of finally starting cosplaying the character you have always wanted to do, but are a little confused about where to start or how to prepare. Here are some tips to help you from the beginning of the creation to the end of the event.

Start early

It doesn't matter how easy the cosplay is if you know how easy it is to make it, or think you can finish it in a day. If you start work earlier, there is time to solve any difficulty.

The ordered item takes longer than it should be, the makeup looks bad, the outfit is tighter or looser than it should be, or something else.

In addition, time is given for some final preparations, which will be discussed later.

Choose your character correctly

Make a decision according to your skills, budget, and affection. There is no point in choosing a cosplay that you cannot do or cannot afford.

And it's not advisable to pick a character you don't like or feel comfortable with. The point of cosplay is to have fun with it.

Cosplay planning

Always keep in mind budget, transportation, event setting, weight of items and accessories, and interpretation.

Study the prices well, do not buy what you are looking for in the first store you come across. Remember that after everything is ready, you still need to get to the event, is it easy to transport your cosplay? If not, how will you transfer it? Can you take it with you on public transport? Do you need a car?

This is not your main concern, but it is good to know in advance what the venue is.

When shopping for gear from designedby3d.com, never forget to factor in the weight of the accessories. One and a half meter long bow and arrows made of solid wood is, of course, great. But keep in mind that during the 30-minute activity, you can barely raise your bow-holding hand to strike a pose.

Take time to learn about your character

Get some great cues, cues, and some good photo poses. Even if you don't plan on filming, learn a little, even if it's just a few simple poses.

Suddenly you want to do something on the spot. Plus, the photos will be much more interesting when you look at them later.

Keeping sanity

With this approach, you will probably progress more slowly, but this is why you started earlier. And every day when you take a break from work, you will see real progress.

This will give you a greater sense of accomplishment and avoid the frustration of not getting anything done.

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